Where is your focus on quitting snuff?

RWM 1666 – It is true that dip doesn’t care about you. It attaches itself to brain chemicals that cause you feel pleasure. After a while, you can’t feel pleasure without it. When you quit, you have to realize that it is going to be rough until your brain re-wires itself. Your mindset directs the process. What I mean by that is that if you sit around and think about how much you miss the crap, and how much your life sucks without it, then your brain is going to stay stuck on the same old program. You can quit doing it that way so long as you never ingest that crap again, however, after a while most people go crazy from the fake torture they put themselves through. The sooner you shut the door on it, and decide it is a done deal — you’re never touching the stuff again no matter what goes down– and you’re going to enjoy the process (rough as it may be), then you’re going to have a better experience sooner. It took me until day 700 to really see the light. I’m a slow learner though.

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