One method to quit dipping snuff

What Works vs What Does Not

“UncleBubba – 6,528 – People always think they have a better way, an easier way, a short cut. But they either come back and post Day 1 again, or completely disappear. Posting every day, early in the day is what works. Like RWM says above, thousands have proved that this way works, why try to change it?”

The text above is and example of someone posting Roll Call on our forum. The words UncleBubba posted are 100% spot on. Also, you might notice the guy has over 6500 days of being tobacco free, so he might know at thing or two about quitting.

The cornerstone of quitting that has worked for me and thousands of other people is getting a support network of other quitters behind you. We do this on an internet forum and check in with each other daily. We also put our name and number of snuff free days on “roll call”. When we put our name on roll call we are promising each other that we will not use any tobacco for one day, then we do it again the next day. The whole process takes about 5 minutes a day.

Go at it Alone? No Thanks

There is power in numbers when you want to quit dipping snuff. When you join a quit group you get your own little quit posse that is always in your corner. You have a bunch of guys that have been where you are and give you support and advice every day. You will quickly find yourself not wanting to let them, or yourself down. And conversely, when you have some quit time under your belt, you will start giving a helping hand to the new quitters. When you quit dipping snuff it is going to be a tough ride for awhile, there is no arguing that. But, when you replace your daily habit of dipping with the positive, healthy habit of checking in and posting roll call on our forum, then you have laid the foundation to a long term, addiction free life away from tobacco. Only fellow ex smokeless tobacco users truly know what you are going through. Only they know what a monumental accomplishment it is when you have had a really crappy day but you are still able to wake up the next day and post a plus one to your quit days.

Can’t Be Bothered to Spend 5 Minutes? You are Not Ready

Recently we had two guys that joined our site and posted up their number 1 day. Within a week they started missing days. When they started getting called out about not posting daily roll call we caught a bit of attitude from the new new guys. They were “too busy”, or they “forgot” to log in or – “they want to take a break from technology on the weekends”. Really? I bet they never “forgot” to feed their addiction and I bet they sure as hell took a break from dipping snuff on the weekends. I’d put money that.

Here is the point – when you quit dipping snuff it isn’t going to be easy. It can be made a lot more tolerable though if you are quitting alongside other people who have been where you are. You will make some friendships along the way. Good friends will hold you accountable because they want you to succeed. 5 minutes of checking in on our forum can get you dip free? Sounds like a good deal to me.

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