Can’t quit for ya

Nick- 1087- We can’t quit for you but we sure will give you support. I don’t know how many times I would quit tomorrow, or next week, or as a new year’s resolution, or whatever lie I would tell myself. It was all lies, I had to just say today is the day and hold … Read more


RWM -1671- Congrats on 200 Larry. Don’t let the ‘busiest time of year’ be your downfall. If you can’t make a post on the scroll, send a text for a pick up. If you can’t send a text because you have no signal, then backtrack to your last know signal. If that can’t happen, write … Read more

He quit after a lifetime of dipping

Dugan’s Hall of Fame Speech I started using Copenhagen in 1958. I was ten years old. Back then no one knew it was bad for you, nor thought of it as habit forming. Everyone I knew smoked, and/or chewed tobacco. When we worked cattle seems like us kids were alway either hungry or thirsty, so … Read more

Where is your focus on quitting snuff?

RWM 1666 – It is true that dip doesn’t care about you. It attaches itself to brain chemicals that cause you feel pleasure. After a while, you can’t feel pleasure without it. When you quit, you have to realize that it is going to be rough until your brain re-wires itself. Your mindset directs the … Read more

One method to quit dipping snuff

What Works vs What Does Not “UncleBubba – 6,528 – People always think they have a better way, an easier way, a short cut. But they either come back and post Day 1 again, or completely disappear. Posting every day, early in the day is what works. Like RWM says above, thousands have proved that … Read more

My boyfriend dips and I hate it

Whoa Boy – now there is a hot topic that almost every smokeless tobacco user has found themselves discussing. As a guy who dipped off and on for 20 years, and has been dip free for 3 years, I might be able to offer you a little bit of insight. Honesty To get a handle … Read more